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aloric - aloric

The debut self-titled album from aloric.

All songs written, arranged, performed*, recorded, produced, mixed & mastered by aloric.*except drums

Label: Unsigned

Location: London, UK

Genre: Alternative Experimental

Influences: Björk, Sigur Rós, Jeff Buckley, Radiohead, Steve Reich, PJ Harvey and Rage Against The Machine.


Growing up in the North of England with Middle Eastern heritage, aloric felt like music could only ever be a hobby for him. He started dabbling in guitar at age 14, but it wasn't until he moved to London and experienced its liberating creative scene that he wrote his first song at age 24.


With his guitar playing skills and new found ability as a songwriter, he carved out a clear vision of the musical and aesthetic style he wanted to achieve, however he didn’t have the full skill-set to enact it. He began by collaborating with other artists - creating music and learning from his experiences - but it never matched the tapestry of sound he had in his head. So from there, he locked himself away for 2 years, dedicating his life to learning how to sing and finally beginning the first steps in realising his vision. He continued developing his guitar playing; adding loops and pedals to his live shows, and then finally took to perfecting his production and arrangement skills. The product of years of exploration, education, and self-determination is his self-titled debut, “aloric” - an album that fuses his melting pot of influences into one unique & new sound.


His focus moving forward is to continue to write and release music, find sync placement opportunities and carry on producing & songwriting for other artists.



aloric - aloric

1.  Who?
2.  Grace
3.  War
4.  Interplanetary
5.  The Shackles
6.  Fate
7.  Aerial View
8.  In my head
9.  Sharpened Words
10.  Coma
full album playlist


1) aloric - Who (artwork)
1) aloric - Who (artwork)

2) aloric - Grace (artwork)
2) aloric - Grace (artwork)

10) aloric - Coma (artwork small)
10) aloric - Coma (artwork small)

1) aloric - Who (artwork)
1) aloric - Who (artwork)