Artist Profile // #2 Björk

September 18, 2015


I don't even know where to begin with this. Björk is quite simply, my biggest inspiration in musical history. She is a daughter of Mother Nature, a voice for the Universe, and possesses a mind more advanced than any musician I've ever come across.


A true visionary, she treats each song like a child, nurturing every part of it to the best it can be; through music, video, artwork and everything inbetween. She combines so many genres into a melting pot of originality, her voice transcends description, her composition skills are incredible, and her spectrum of emotions unrivalled. When you love Björk, you don’t just love her, you love Meredith MonkArvo PartSteve ReichAphex Twin and everyone else that’s filtered into her psyche; it’s like a secondary-smoke of inspiration.


I could talk for pages & pages on this woman, I love her more than any other (sorry mum). Vulnicura was heart-breaking, Homogenic was ground-breaking, and everything else sits on the spectrum of ‘masterpiece’ too. But I’m going to leave you with one album inparticular; ‘Vespertine’.


There is no English word I know of that can describe how perfect of an album this is, no metric system that can give it a grading; no comparative work to put it next too. It came out in 2001, and combined the world of Digital & Analogue so perfectly, that everyone since has been trying to catch up, and failing largely. This video is truley perfect, the lighting, the Alexander McQueen dress, the orchestra, the vocal delivery; I could go on.


Enjoy & transcend. 









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