Artist Profile // #3 Sigur Rós

October 4, 2015


Never has a band painted their surroundings so perfectly in music, than Sigur Rós. They capture every scenic image in their Icelandic landscape, and recreate them into the most beautiful sonic landscapes.


I remember being 17 years old, and going to see them in Manchester while knowing very little of their music. To this day, it was the single most spiritual experience I have ever had, and maybe will ever have. I understood how powerful music was and how it could do things to your body, so instantly, that no scientific theory could explain. Paradoxically, it was the day I understood music, and the day I realised you can’t understand music.


They created incredible sounds that I just didn’t understand at 17. How was he making those eruptive volcanic sounds? How is he singing so high? Where is that swaying wave-like sound coming from? When a band makes you ask questions, you have nothing left to do except learn.


I truly believe that Sigur Rós are one of the most important bands to have ever lived, and anyone who’s seen ‘Popplagið’ live, will know why.


I’m gonna leave you with this, one of my favourite videos of all time. My interpretation is that the drum represents courage, and we follow those who seem to have it, but when we see them without it, we realise we are capable of anything too, and propel ourselves into experiencing equally great things.










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