Artist Profile // #4 Radiohead

October 18, 2015


There are few bands with longevity, and even fewer who combine that with innovation. It’s easy to churn out the same music once you've found your niche, but as Thom Yorke said during 'OK Computer' interviews, "once they attach you to one sound, they've got you by the balls”. So to consistently reinvent your sound, and STILL make astonishing, interesting, powerful music, is a testament to their abilities.


Although Thom Yorke (rightly) receives many of the plaudits, the person I've always resonated with the most is Jonny Greenwood. His creativity, his ideas, his love of classical music, his love of Eastern/Indian music, his love of Steve Reich; these are all things I share an equal passion for, and he has been a constant source of inspiration for me. He’s understated, never in the limelight, and is a genuine musical genius; to even emulate 10% of his output would be an incredible life achievement.


There are so many songs to choose from it was difficult to pick just one, but I'm gonna go with ‘Pyramid Song’. Why? Because even after 10 years of listening to it, I still can’t follow the timing. It manages to challenge your listening, while still just being an amazing song. It plays with the technicalities under the bonnet, whilst not distracting you from the masterpiece that it is. It truly is a work of art, beyond the limitations of just ‘music’, it is art in its purest form.










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