Artist Profile // #5 Joanna Newsom

November 6, 2015



What an angelic human she is. Everytime I watch her, listen to her, or even read about her, I’m more & more intrigued. She possesses one of the most unique vocal tones of any singer I’ve ever heard, and combined with the astonishing harp playing, it’s hard not to fall in love with her music.


I first heard ‘Bridges and Balloons on MySpace (I know), around 10 years ago, and was INSTANTLY floored. I just couldn’t believe what a perfect song this was. Then I bought the album, and she had me; that’s how you do a debut album.


Then came the era of ‘Have One on Me’. If ‘Milk-Eyed Mender’ was her Mona Lisa, ‘Have One on Me’ is the Sistine Chapel. 18 tracks of absolutely masterful, intricate, and downright soul-enriching beauty, that I still can’t believe came from one human being. Astonishing.


My showcase track for her is “En Gallop”, a song that contains one of the greatest pieces of poetic lyric writing I’ve ever heard:


“Never get so attached to a poem,
You forget truth that lacks lyricism...”


Beauiful. Enjoy x







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