Artist Profile // #6 Rage Against The Machine

November 24, 2015


People find it odd when I tell them this, but 'The Battle of Los Angeles' is in my Top 10 albums of all time. As much as their other albums really put a stake in musical history, there was something that really resonated hard with me when I first heard this, and continues to do so today.


Most bands can be great with just one outstanding member, but Rage have two. Zach De La Rocha is a man with something to say, and it's so so rare to find that in music anymore. A poet who can just stand there, with nothing but pure truth and intensity, and deliver it so deep into your psyche that you come out the other end with a purpose to life. That is magic. That is art.


And then there's one of my favourite guitar players to ever live, Tom Morello. Equipped with only 4 guitar pedals, he's done more to innovate the guitar than anyone else in our generation. There would be no Matt Bellamy without Tom Morello, he's inspired countless thousands to be more creative and imaginative with their instrument. More than anything, Morello taught me discipline. He used to practice 8 hours every day, not 7.5, not 8.5, but 8 solid hours every day. I truly admire people with a strong work ethic, and he truly has it. Plus, he writes all his songs on an old classical guitar, even all those Rage riffs you know and love, hats off.


I encourage everyone to listen to the album fully, but my showcase track this week is 'Ashes In The Fall'. It's one of the most cathartic tracks I've ever come across. It fills me with such a release, a dynamic masterpiece from beginning to end. Timeless perfection:





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