Artist Profile // #7 Antony And The Johnsons

December 6, 2015


Firstly, I’d like to state that he prefers to be addressed as “she”, so I’ll respectfully honour her wishes.


Lou Reed’s quote summed her up perfectly when he said, When I heard him, I knew that I was in the presence of an angel"; And she truly is. Holding one of the most important voices in musical history, she’s crafted a sound of such dark, utter beauty; that I defy anyone to listen to it and not have their hearts broken.


I wanted to focus mainly on the album ‘I Am a Bird Now’. This was the year I gained a huge amount of respect for the Mercury Music Prize, after it was awarded to Antony for this album in 2005. It’s in my Top 5 of all time, and contains 10 tracks of such diverse, joyful, sad, and generally emotionally-draining beauty; that each time I listen to it is like having a conversation with the Gods.


You HAVE to listen to every song on there, so I've decided to focus on one of her lesser known tracks today. It’s a cover of the Bob Dylan song “I Was Young When I Left Home”, with Bryce Dessner of 'The National'. Antony manages to tell the story so beautifully & slowly, it feels like you’re immersed in a Daniel Day Lewis performance. To this day, I'm utterly hooked on every word of the story, and the way it’s told by Antony is second to none.


Do enjoy x





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