REVIEW // 'Who?' ~Fresh On The Net

August 2, 2015


Full feature HERE.


"Here’s how to test whether your neighbours really like you in one easy step: play the first minute of 'Who?' at full volume and see what happens.


Aloric give you the first minute to wake you up – they are kind that way. They want to beat your senses into submission and show their savvy alternative rock credentials. Then – just when you are about to judge whether you love/hate this – they make another canny move. Suddenly they throw a massive curveball: the song drops to piano and a beautiful voice floats in, from a similar planet to Antony Hegarty, giving it large in a majestic ethereal overcoat… and BANG they have sucked you in!


It’s a lesson in How To Do Dynamic Range Within A Song – bloody champion!"


~Johnno Casson, Fresh On The Net

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