Artist Profile // #8 Sarah Vaughan

January 10, 2016


More than any other vocalist in history, I believe Sarah Vaughan was the closest to ‘flawless’ there ever was. Every single recording and video I’ve heard from her, contains the most masterful, perfect and controlled vocal tone known to my ears. She truly was a Queen of her trade.


I only discovered her one year ago when a friend sent me a live version of ‘Misty’, and I was completely flawed. The vocal tone had this crossover with Jeff Buckley’s version of ‘Strange Fruit’, and I instantly formed a connection to her voice. More than anything, she possessed what I think is the greatest vibrato in musical history.


Amy Winehouse cited her as one of her main influences growing up, and she’s becoming more and more an influence on me by the day. She is a joy, a complete celebration for the ears, having the ability to pull you out of reality and into a world of calm & excitement within seconds.


Listen to this version of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’. She captures your soul like a Da Vinci painting, and then just toys with the notes like she’s weaving a tapestry. They say they don’t make ‘em like they used to, and with Sarah, they have a point.




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