Artist Profile // #10 Bon Iver

January 24, 2016

Good ol’ Bon. Justin Vernon really does seem like one of the nicest guys in music today. And more than anything, he just writes consistently great music. Music that many people can relate to. Music that’s attached to a lot of memories for people. Music that brings out the broken person in you. Music that brings out the determination in you. Music that acts like a dear friend confiding secrets to you. It’s real words and real emotions, being laid out bare for you to hear.


There’s a lot been said about the story of ‘For Emma..’; the mysterious ‘cabin in the woods’ after a heart-aching breakup, it reads like a PR dream. But the main thing that comes out of that story, which is something I’m going through myself right now, is just a musician who forgot what he was doing this for. Who wanted to get away from it all and just go back to making music for the love of making music. It’s a story echoed by many musicians, most recently by Jack Garratt in an interview too. And it’s so very true. You get caught up in all the emails, the admin, the ‘business’ side of things, you forget why you even started doing this.


I guess that’s why ‘For Emma..’ will always have a dear place in my heart. This song especially. Justin said his mum cried when she heard this for the first time. I imagine due to absolute pride. Enjoy x





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