Artist Profile // #20 The Frames

February 3, 2017


I love this band so bloody much. So so bloody much. I call them the Irish ‘James’; a band whose music is rooted in their home countries, and relatively unknown outside of it (in comparison).


Many an Irish person has told me that The Frames are bloody massive in Ireland; and it’s easy to understand why. The Frames write great songs, great great songs. Songs dripping with emotion & narrative, songs pouring with honesty & love; and songs penned indirectly with the hands of Van Morrison, Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, and a history’s worth of traditional Irish Music.


You probably know Glen Hansard from the outstanding movie ‘Once’, where the combination of his songs and great script gave him a great platform to deservedly raise his profile. I was lucky enough to meet him at a Barbican gig he did with Nico Muhly a few years back, and was struck at what a humble, genuine and passionate person he was. Only days before, I found out he knew Jeff Buckley (!!!), so chewed his ear off about that and was completely enamoured by the stories he had. This is a man whose only path in life is to make music; there is nowhere more comfortable for him than being on a stage playing songs.


The track I want to play you is a song from the astonishing album ‘For The Birds’, which is just so overwhelmingly beautiful that it gets me every time. The song is called ‘Headlong’, and it’s a ‘birth>to>death’ journey that feels as new today as the first day I heard it.






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