"A slowly unfurling tapestry of skittering production and falsetto vocals, this is quite something" ~ElectricSoundOfJoy

"London-based 'aloric' returns with a new and evocative track" ~SonOfMarketing

"Really lovely song" ~TheGrindingHalt

"calls to mind the beauty of ‘Pyramid Song’ & ‘All Is Full of Love’...this could well be one of our favourite tracks of the year" ~Overblown

"goes from heavy metal to ethereal piano ballad...give it time, and it turns out to be a beaut" ~HillyDilly

"a brand of experimental rock that juxtaposes the hard and the soft, one that exists somewhere on the Radiohead/FKA twigs/Aphex Twin spectrum" ~Stereogum

"mixes eruptive noise with the multi-layered elegancy of Radiohead's most impressive songs" ~Bright TradeShow

"sounds hymnal at first, but slowly builds from a solemn tune into a cinematic wonderland. Aloric has one of the most unique and beautiful voices in all of music, and on 'Fate' it reaches a whole new level... the reward is breathtaking and memorable" ~TheRevue

"Fate continues the magnetic pull that this entity exert ....Aloric breathe quickening life into another epic track." ~IndieMusicReview

"starts as a low, slow lull, building into something beautiful, cinematic and intense... hauntingly beautiful" ~GirlUndergroundMusic

"you hear a track like 'Fate', and you realise why you do this, and why it's all worthwhile" ~RightChordMusic

"a breathtaking experience that feels too surreal to be believed. This rendition is arguably the best cover of a Prince song I have ever heard" ~TheRevue

"Simply stunning; they've remodeled it, shaken it up, remade it into their own style and revealed previously unknown depths and beauty. Cover version of the year by a mile!" ~TheDevilHasTheBestTuna

"just about as fitting a tribute to the purple one that you could imagine...an earnest emotion that is impossible to fake. Wonderful stuff" ~Overblown

"an evocative tribute to the late legend... a wondrous experience and a fitting piece to remember Prince by" ~AnthemReview

"A stunning re-working. Take a seat, put on your best headphones, and enjoy" ~RightChordMusic

"Pure talent; from the vocal ranges to the production and composition...a sublime new track" ~TheRevue

"Provides a haunting isolation which chills to the marrow-bone of the listener" ~EmergingIndieBands